Take Advantage of Our New Services

Lockhart Law has joined McQuarrie Hunter LLP. This exciting development brings residents and business owners of Mission an expanded list of specialized legal services, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Business Law
  • Family Law

McQuarrie Hunter LLP is a multi-practice firm that is optimally sized to meet the needs of a diverse range of business, individual and institutional clients. Conveniently located in the Central City Tower in Surrey, British Columbia, we look forward to serving clients with business or legal interests in New Westminster, Surrey and the surrounding areas including Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Current clients can expect to receive the same dedicated service from Elyssa, but now you will also benefit from the team of professionals at McQuarrie Hunter LLP to give you fast service, timely responses to your questions, and more strategic thought on your file.

Peace of Mind

Few things are more important to our peace of mind than knowing our dependents will be secure and that our assets will be passed on properly after we are gone. Despite this, not everyone realises the importance of having a Will.  Among those who do, there are many who still do not have one. Clients often tell lawyers they thought writing a Will would take too much time, they had to meet with a financial planner and get updated account information first, that it would be too expensive or that it would be emotionally upsetting to talk about. Happily, most of my clients later report that none of their concerns were realised.  Many tell me they actually enjoyed the process! Best of all, though, is that almost all of my clients express a relief that they are no longer worried about what might happen at some point in the future.

Tailored Advice

Your estate planning needs are unique.  Whether they are relatively straightforward or more complex, you want to know your Will and other estate planning documents weren’t generated by a computer program.  [Insert Name Here] isn’t a phrase you want to see on the first draft of your most personal documents! My client philosophy is simple.  As a lawyer, I believe I can only meet your needs and expectations by truly learning what matters most to you as an individual, as a spouse, a parent, grandparent, business owner and philanthropist.  To accomplish this, I start the process by learning about you and your family, then about your assets and then about your plans for the future. Along the way, I share anecdotal examples of situations that I have encountered personally or that the courts have addressed in the past; I may also explain current or past legislation.  By providing you with information, our meeting becomes an open exchange rather than merely a transactional appointment.  This results in a level of personal service not achievable in a large institutional setting or through a transaction-oriented notarial service.  This is my commitment to you.

Wealth Preservation

Professional will and estate plan preparation eliminates uncertainties in how your estate will be managed and how assets will be passed along.  Planning can also reduce or eliminate certain tax consequences and estate administration expenses.  Where your businesses is concerned, professional guidance can reduce or eliminate delays in the processing of estate documents which might otherwise impede the operation or sale of your company.