Who We Are

Elyssa L. Lockhart

I am a solicitor, practicing primarily in the related areas of Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration. I also maintain a busy Corporate practice that is often linked to my firm’s Estate department through clients’ wealth building and succession planning goals, as well as a Real Property practice that allows for one-stop service when land and lease assets are involved in estate settlements or corporate asset transitions.

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Legal and Support Staff

Lawyers practicing independently are often referred to as ‘sole practitioners’, but this is most emphatically not the case. At McQuarrie Hunter LLP, our legal services are supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team with more than years of experience in wills, estates, corporate and property law. These highly qualified individuals are the technicians who turn detailed legal plans into formal, papered realities.

Denise Mah, Accountant

Denise is responsible for double-checking the rest of the team’s mathematical calculations, and then some! A Certified General Accountant by trade, Denise ensures that all settlement calculations, regulatory holdback figures, percentage estate distributions and the like are accurate the first time our clients see them. Having a CGA on-site, rather than a bookkeeper, allows us to quickly confirm financial information received from a variety of sources, and identify areas of concern requiring specific review by our clients’ own accounting professionals.

When Denise isn’t being industrious, she can be found cruising the World to truly get away from it all on the open seas.

Alexa Lowe, Office Administrator

In a law firm, all matters are diarized for follow-up; Alexa’s superior organizational skills make her perfectly suited to determining whether the rest of the team has, in fact, followed-up. She is responsible for delivering the right materials with the right information, to the right person at the right time. Sounds pretty straightforward, but everyone else is glad this is her responsibility and not theirs!

Never one to sit with idle hands, Alexa is completing her university education with a view to becoming a lawyer herself.

Hemi, Social Director

To be quite frank, we can’t get Hemi to do much of anything around here. In her defence, though, looking this good every day must be quite time consuming! Hemi generally spends her days upstairs and rarely takes meetings with clients, but she can always make time for you upon special request.

A local girl through and through, Hemi was born in Chilliwack and loves hiking, swimming and boating.